StarPulse Vol. 04 Sept-Oct Check-In: Starcoin 2.0 | Tempus: Navigating the Next Wave of Web3

8 min readOct 27, 2023

Hello Starfam!

StarPulse AMA is back with Vol.04!

It’s been a period of building and optimizations in preparation for our next phase Starcoin 2.0: Tempus.

And we’re ready!

We were joined by the core team who shared important details about their work and progress.

If you missed the AMA or would simply love a reference or refresher on what was discussed, we made sure to capture the essential bits for you!

Enjoy the read!

StarPulse Vol. 04 Sept-Oct Check-In: Starcoin 2.0 | Tempus: Navigating the Next Wave of Web3

Senior Brand Manager, Ashely

Hello everyone, and welcome to our Twitter Space today! I’m Ashely, your host and the Brand Manager of the Starcoin program. Today, we’re delving deep into Starcoin 2.0, also known as ‘Tempus.’But before we get to our line-up, let’s lay the groundwork.

Why “Tempus”?

The name ‘Tempus’ has roots in Latin, signifying ‘time.’ This represents our commitment to aligning with the rhythm of technological evolution, ensuring that as blockchain matures, we’re at the forefront of these groundbreaking advances.

Introduction to Starcoin:

For newcomers, Starcoin is the only blockchain project that builds on Satoshi Nakamoto’s Proof of Work consensus, using the Move programming language for smart contracts. Our aim? A secure, high-performing public chain that prioritizes user asset security.

Starcoin’s Growth:

In the past two years, our community-driven approach has fueled an impressive trajectory for Starcoin, achieving significant milestones and witnessing in community engagement.

Challenges in Web3:

As you know,The industry at large is striving to address blockchain network challenges in scalability, security, and speed to achieve higher TPS, thereby fostering broader blockchain application and heightening efficiency.

As a pivotal metric, TPS will determine a blockchain network’s standing and competitiveness in an intensely contested market.

Starcoin must consistently address challenges in speed and efficiency to meet user demands and encourage wider adoption.

Pillars of Starcoin:

Security: Central to Starcoin. Our continuous efforts in cryptographic advancements, Move language, and PoW consensus ensure robust security.

Decentralization: Beyond a principle, it’s Starcoin’s foundation. Our unique DAO governance model empowers our community.

Performance: We’ve upped our game with technical innovations like TurboSTM, FlexiDAG, and enhanced consensus methods to boost speed and efficiency.

Unveiling Starcoin 2.0 — “Tempus”:

This significant upgrade emphasizes scalability while retaining our commitment to decentralization. Highlights include industry-leading parallelization, TurboSTM, and the FlexiDAG. We’ve also prioritized security, with an upgraded Move language and enhanced framework.

Starcoin 2.0 in the PoW Ecosystem:

Starcoin 2.0 isn’t just an upgrade; it pushing the boundaries of the PoW ecosystem to redefine performance, elevate adoption rates, and devise solutions for DeFi systems.

And now, without further delay, let’s hear from our Community Manager, Annabelle, who’s got some updates to share!

Community and Ecosystem Events Recap from Community Manager, Annabelle:

Hi, This is Annabelle, it has been a while since our last encounter.

I’m delighted to acknowledge that our community members have certainly taken note of our efforts since the last AMA, where we’ve been dedicated to promoting and highlighting the Starcoin 2.0 upgrade.

We recently released articles and activities related to the 2.0 upgrade, and I’m excited to share that this upgrade has made substantial improvements in both security and performance. Of course, our upgrade activities have received tremendous support from our community partners, with a total of 38 communities participating in our 2.0 upgrade.

Since our article was published, it has garnered significant engagement. We have now crossed Four thousand five hundred views and 800 retweets.

We launched our first event under the 2.0 theme — the TurboSTM 2.0 Preview event. This event was announced about two weeks ago and received widespread acclaim. It has already amassed over Three thousand seven hundred views and One thousand nine hundred retweets.

Many of our devoted users have shared their valuable feedback and suggestions in the comments, and even screenshots from their participation. We’ve diligently collected these suggestions and relayed them to our team, who are committed to incorporating these recommendations.

More mining events and exciting surprises are in the pipeline, so please stay tuned.

Once again, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your active participation, unwavering support, and genuine appreciation of our events.

Channel-Based Engagement Report from Community Engagement Manager, Buchii:

Hi everyone. My name is Buchii. I’m the Community Engagement Manager at Starcoin Blockchain.

I’d like to recognize the support and enthusiasm of our community, creators and ambassadors who never hesitate to show up to the big stages and contribute to the growth of Starcoin.

In light of our redefining phase: Starcoin’s 2.0: Tempus, we’ve designed activities like the TurboSTM 2.0 Preview Event, to increase our community’s participation in steering the project, and we’ve created a window for new and existing users to contribute valuable feedback and insights in moulding our optimized community-based project.

Our articles and publications highlight our core ideologies and provide a potent medium to convey our ongoing works and thought direction to our community. We appreciate the engagement on them so far.

Finally, feel free to hop in our communities across Telegram, Discord and Twitter. Drop your inquiries and contributions. And we’ll be happy to address them.

You can also join our ongoing special Halloween event and anticipate more events that we’ve got lined up for you.

We’ll talk soon. Bye for now!

Infrastructural Progress from Infro Leader, Wood:

Hi, I’m wood, a software engineer at Starcoin. I’d like to share something about Starcoin 2.0.

Starcoin is an innovative blockchain platform that combines an enhanced PoW (Proof of Work) consensus mechanism with the Move programming language. Why Move as a smart contract language? Because security of digital assets, such as avoiding copying and destruction, needs to be addressed at the level of smart contract languages and virtual machines, Starcoin utilizes the combination of Move and PoW to work on the security of digital assets. It uses an account-based model with serial execution of transactions, incorporating optimization strategies such as caching to achieve both security and efficiency.

When we talk about the evolution of blockchain, the efficiency of smart contract execution becomes the key to increase transaction throughput. In this era of multi-core technology, Starcoin has introduced TurboSTM technology. Unlike other engines that require pre-declaration of the data read and write behavior of transactions, TurboSTM provides a parallel execution solution that is transparent to developers. It utilizes Version, multi version concurency control map and optimistic concurency control mechanisms to dynamically detect dependencies between transactions and automatically handle conflicts. Simply put, transactions have two main phases: execution and validation. In the execution phase, transactions are performed in parallel and the results of the reads and writes are saved. In the validation phase, a data version check is performed. If there is a mismatch, re-execution is required. In our evaluation, using TurboSTM, TPS can be improved to 17 times of sequential execution.

It is worth noting that while TurboSTM is efficient, parallel write operations to a key can lead to conflicts. For this reason, Starcoin introduces a merge operation, where each transaction generates an increment of the execution result, and when all the transactions in a block have been executed, these increments are merged to get the final result, thus realizing the goal of parallel execution.

We will continue to optimize the performance of TurboSTM. We are also exploring how TurboSTM can be deeply integrated with FlexiDAG.

Innovation Update from Senior Architect, Fikgol:

Hello everyone, I’m excited to share the things about starcoin 2.0, especially the mechanics and implementation of the POW consensus protocol FlexiDag.

FlexiDag is Starcoin’s latest effort to improve the performance and security of the original Nakamoto consensus. By using a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and combining it with our POW research from Starcoin 1.0, we’ve made big improvements in Starcoin’s performance. This means our system works faster and more reliably, making it even better for all sorts of applications.

The most important thing about FlexiDag is how it uses the DAG system for creating blocks. This allows us to produce several blocks at once and add them to the blockchain. This change has allowed us to handle more transactions every second and also made these transactions faster. This is great for situations where we need lots of fast transactions.

Also, we’ve updated how we handle blocks in our consensus system. In the past, blocks that didn’t win in a competition got thrown away. Now, they can still be added to the blockchain. This means we use the power of our miners more efficiently, which makes the whole system better.

Another cool feature of FlexiDag is that it can adjust itself based on how busy the network is. This makes sure the system remains stable and fast, even when there’s a lot of activity.

And the benchmark shows Starcoin 1.0 could make one block every 5 seconds. With FlexiDag, we can now make at least four blocks in just 2 seconds.

So, with FlexiDag, Starcoin 2.0 is a big step up from Starcoin 1.0 in terms of performance.

That’s all I want to share today. Thanks for joining today’s space. Stay connected and have a great day.

Q&A Session by Ashely and Buchii:


What differentiates TurboSTM from parallel execution on Sui and Solana?

R: TurboSTM sets itself apart from platforms like Sui and Solana by leveraging Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) and Optimistic Locking. These mechanisms overcome the single-threaded limitations of traditional smart contracts. MVCC ensures data consistency by tracking changes, while Optimistic Locking allows concurrent data access and verifies alignment with the most recent MVCC version. This unique combination offers a novel solution to blockchain concurrency challenges.


With the introduction of Starcoin 2.0, can we expect more ASIC miners to be developed for its STC token?

R: The decision to produce new ASIC miners largely depends on the perceived profitability and market demand as assessed by third-party manufacturers.

At Starcoin, our focus with the 2.0 phase is to enhance our platform’s features, ensuring they are both relevant and of high utility to users. By fostering an environment that is conducive to growth and innovation, we aim to attract significant interest from developers and stakeholders. This, in turn, could potentially incentivize hardware manufacturers to consider developing ASIC miners tailored for the STC token, given the anticipated rise in network activity and value.


CoinEx has not relisted $STC. Are there plans for a new exchange listing to accommodate users in the U.S. who wish to trade $STC?

R: We are actively engaged in discussions with CoinEx to address the liquidity concerns and are committed to ensuring that U.S. users have a seamless experience trading $STC.

As for future exchange listings, while we are exploring multiple avenues to expand the accessibility of $STC, specifics regarding potential new exchange partnerships remain confidential at this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards broadening our token’s reach.


The StarPulse AMA offers an important platform for the Starcoin team to provide timely updates to help our community stay energized with the most recent developments off the team desk, through interfacing and engaging community members directly.

On this episode, we have discussed the propellers of Starcoin 2.0: Tempus, as well as the events which have been scheduled to allow wider community involvement in shaping this new phase.

It’s important for the community to explore the enhancements that make Starcoin 2.0 a big leap from the previous Starcoin 1.0 — and the TurboSTM 2.0 Preview event offers a crucial window to introduce our community to its improved features.

More mining events (TBA) are scheduled to enable as many users as possible to contribute to shaping our new chapter and be rewarded. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your support. See you in the next edition!

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