Starcoin inherit Bitcoin’s remarkable security mechanism and provide the high transaction throughput capability, by improving the PoW algorithm and introducing a multi-layer network.Moreover, we create a layered Smart Contract Model, which could guarantee the security and stability of the infrastructural cryptocurrency, and be able to fulfill the performance requirement for DApps.

· Release Starcoin v1.0.0-beta.6

  • Fix stratum hang on
  • Batch peer to peer v2
  • Update k8s config
  • add a cmd to submit upgrade vm config proposal
  • Bump syn from 1.0.70 to 1.0.71
  • Bump backtrace from 0.3.57 to 0.3.58
  • Fix python deserialization
  • bug fix for stdlib upgrade make stdlib upgrade not affected by PublishOption, improve error handle, and bug fix
  • Implement collection2
  • generate event data format for usage in sdks
  • add max_connections_per_address.
  • Bump libc from 0.2.93 to 0.2.94
  • continue release assert when some platform failed.

About us

· Release Starcoin v1.0.0-beta.5

· Note: starcoin nodes should upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible, a hard fork test will be conducted soon, which will cause nodes with older versions to be unable to execute the latest blocks.

· Added PeerWatcher command to listen for peer changes on the p2p network via Light Node Protocol.

· Implement merkle tree proof verifier, Ethereum storage proof verifier via Move contract, prepare for future offchain data validation and cross-chain with Ethereum.

· The node has built-in support for the stratum pool protocol, allowing pool clients to connect directly to…

Starcoin held the first phase of the Proxima test network mining event a few months ago, which lasted for a fortnight and attracted many users, including veteran miners who have been working in the industry for years and have detected the future value properties of Starcoin with their rapid radar, as well as newcomers to the mining community who were attracted by the innovative ‘one-click mining with zero threshold’.

The mining event allowed everyone to experience the Starcoin test network’s mining mechanism first-hand, and gave the technical team valuable data feedback to help us continuously optimise the project. …

The Starcoin blockchain mainnet will soon go live and is now launching a security bounty plan that will run from March 15, 2021 to April 15, 2021. We hope to unite security researchers from the global community to work together to continuously enhance Starcoin system security by examining potential vulnerabilities in the Starcoin blockchain test network system. The end of the event will also kick off the Starcoin mainline. Starcoin is a new generation of layered smart contracts and distributed financial network, which aims to provide a secure platform for digital assets and decentralized financial operations, allowing blockchain to be…

#Starcoin Weekly Report# 【12/14–12/20】 ​​​​


Starcoin is A Layered Smart Contract and Decentralized Financial Network

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