Starcoin inherit Bitcoin’s remarkable security mechanism and provide the high transaction throughput capability, by improving the PoW algorithm and introducing a multi-layer network.Moreover, we create a layered Smart Contract Model, which could guarantee the security and stability of the infrastructural cryptocurrency, and be able to fulfill the performance requirement for DApps.

1.Change some Vector methods to native implementation to reduce gas consumption

2.Provide block import and export scripts to facilitate quick node building

3.StarMask: released v3.1.0: automatically initiate accepting token transactions when adding tokens/add ‘automatically accept tokens’ switch

4.Poll: connect wallet button migrated to the top right corner, new poll editing function, create edit poll with permission control

5.Airdrop: add name_en field, and update getList api return data structure

1.Bridge header syncer proof sync add testing and complete testing

2.Starmask: released v3.0.3, support hardware wallet OneKey

3.Starswap: function intermodulation, currently dealing with cross-chain accuracy issues

4.Poll: add poll creation page 3 new Youtube tutorial videos in the navigation bar

6.Implement Native u256 Native u256 by lerencao Pull Request #3032 — starcoinorg/starcoin

1. Implemented crypto-related native methods for cross-chain dependencies

2. Implement the function of exporting blocks by interval export and import block range by nkysg

3. Integration of Peer reputation mechanism and libp2p peer score

4.StarMask: released v3.0.1, support hardware wallet OneKey website update: update social network links in English and Chinese update Starcoin project and timeline

1. On-chain mass data weighting scheme, designed a combined offchain and onchain scheme based on SparseMerkle

2. Upgrade validation of Move 1.5

3. Peer reputation mechanism scheme design

4. gosdk add poly docking required functions

5. Starmask integration with OneKey

6. Starswap

- Based on poly protocol, develop poly:serialize/deserialize move version package

7. official website add Medium and Twitter links of StarcoinMove

2. stdlib release tool supports generating incremental update packages between any two versions

3. 3released stdlibv9, including two bug fixes for Yield Farming

4. VMConfig::max_transaction_size_in_bytes polling

5. gosdk add poly docking required functions


- Support multiple signatures

Why do we need Oracle?

Blockchain development has encountered many difficulties so far, and behind these difficulties often spawn more innovation. How does the chain access real-world data? How do contracts capture the price fluctuations of the market? How can chain travel ensure unpredictability? Similarly many questions plagued us, Oracle (prophecy machine) was born. Oracle…

DeFi has been exceptionally hot in the last two years, and it can be said that smart contracts provide the most powerful support. However, behind the rapid development, endless security issues have been plaguing us, such as TheDAO attacks, PolyNetwork attacks and so on, which have largely limited the development…

1. NFT Protocol V1

In the below code segment, we implement two functionalities: initialize and mint NFT.

The smart contract programming language used by Starcoin is Move, which is specially made for digital assets. Digital assets started with BTC, which has gone through a long development process, and now there are many public chains from Ether, Wavefield and so on. Starcoin is for digital assets, using the…


Starcoin is A Layered Smart Contract and Decentralized Financial Network

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