Starcoin inherit Bitcoin’s remarkable security mechanism and provide the high transaction throughput capability, by improving the PoW algorithm and introducing a multi-layer network.Moreover, we create a layered Smart Contract Model, which could guarantee the security and stability of the infrastructural cryptocurrency, and be able to fulfill the performance requirement for DApps.

Starcoin Move stdlib v5 upgrade completed, transaction information: 0x7d4275ca7d444c57ffdccfd0baf6bb5f5f5d2abca90d3763d6b2a93dc046b1e3

This upgrade includes the hard fork feature. Versions prior to v1.2.0 will not be able to execute the latest transactions, please upgrade to v1.2.0 as soon as possible.

A series of updates based on this version will follow:

  1. transfers in the SDK will use the 0x1::TransferScripts::peer_to_peer_v2 method by default and no longer require the auth key parameter.
  2. The auth key field in ReceiptIdentifier is deprecated, after that ReceiptIdentifier and account address are equivalent and are different encode format to display the same data, all api that accept account address can automatically accept ReceiptIdentifier.

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Voting for the Starcoin Move stdlib v5 upgrade is end with 7088587.7104 STC votes agree and 2 STC votes against. The poll is now in the pending execute status. Participating STC holders can unstack their STC now.

After 24 hours, the stdlib upgrade transaction will be executed. This upgrade includes the hard fork feature, please upgrade to starcoin v1.2.0.

For details of this upgrade, please refer to: Starcoin Move stdlib upgrade Guide

For more information on Starcoin governance, please see.

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Starcoin Move stdlib upgrade voting is open

Release v1.2.0

  • Release of the Move CLI tool and integration of the Move CLI and Starcoin chains, supported dependent third-party modules when developing Move contracts.
  • Released stdlib v5, contains the following features:
  • 1. Refactor the authentication key verification mechanism of the account to simplify the way the account is initialized .
  • 2. Add limit for treasury withdrawal proposals up to the proposal’s voting threshold.
  • Contract development-related documentation updates.

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Release v1.1.0

Account and Miner rpc and command enhancements

· Enhanced account command support for receipt identifier.

·Improved multi-sign command .

·Read-only account support.

·Support remove account command, no more restarting the node after the default account switch, and the lock/unlock rpc returns AccountInfo.

·Unify commands for Module upgrades .

·Added documentation for the stratum protocol and fixed a bug that caused lose hash rates.

·Improved Miner rpc return values.

·Improved block indexing tool .

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The Starcoin mainnet launched at the height of 310,000 in the Barnard network.

Genesis block:

Release v1.0.0

· Generate genesis block, block hash: 0x80848150abee7e9a3bfe9542a019eb0b8b01f124b63b011f9c338fdb935c417d

· Set disable_miner_client to true in main network

· state.get_account_state_set api supports set state_root parameter

· Improved management of multi-signature accounts

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2021.5.18 12:15(GMT+8)

The Starcoin mainnet launched at the height of 310,000 in the Barnard network.

Genesis block:

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Starcoin released v1.0.0-rc, the mainnet will be launched at the height of 310,000 in the Barnard network, and the global users can launch Starcoin mainnet together.

When the Barnard network reaches 310,000 height, the mainnet node will wait for 6 blocks to be confirmed and then generate the genesis block with the block hash of the 310,000 block of the Barnard network as the parent hash of the mainnet genesis block.

After the main network is launched, the core dev team will publish the Genesis block hash first, hardcode the Genesis block into the starcoin node and release Starcoin v1.0…

· Release Starcoin v1.0.0-beta.6

  • Fix stratum hang on
  • Batch peer to peer v2
  • Update k8s config
  • add a cmd to submit upgrade vm config proposal
  • Bump syn from 1.0.70 to 1.0.71
  • Bump backtrace from 0.3.57 to 0.3.58
  • Fix python deserialization
  • bug fix for stdlib upgrade make stdlib upgrade not affected by PublishOption, improve error handle, and bug fix
  • Implement collection2
  • generate event data format for usage in sdks
  • add max_connections_per_address.
  • Bump libc from 0.2.93 to 0.2.94
  • continue release assert when some platform failed.

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· Release Starcoin v1.0.0-beta.5

· Note: starcoin nodes should upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible, a hard fork test will be conducted soon, which will cause nodes with older versions to be unable to execute the latest blocks.

· Added PeerWatcher command to listen for peer changes on the p2p network via Light Node Protocol.

· Implement merkle tree proof verifier, Ethereum storage proof verifier via Move contract, prepare for future offchain data validation and cross-chain with Ethereum.

· The node has built-in support for the stratum pool protocol, allowing pool clients to connect directly to…


Starcoin is A Layered Smart Contract and Decentralized Financial Network

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