Starcoin Weekly Report【 7.12–7.18】

2 min readJul 21, 2021


Current Activities

1. Starcoin Move Online Hackathon
- Date: 2021/6/23–7/31
- Participate and get STC and mining machine rewards! Click here for event details

2. Community Poll: Uncle Block Rate Target Value Adjustment [Completed]
- Uncle block rate adjustment proposal implementation, the current uncle block rate target 10%, out of the block time stable at about 6 seconds.

3. Move live class-[Completed]
- Topic: Move & Dapp practice
- @文科「Starcoin Defi Foundation Team Leader


1.Starcoin v1.4.0 released

- Introduced ABI resolver and decoder, which can automatically generate StructABI, FunctionABI, ModuleABI by Move bytecode. ABI can be used for code generation, resolving binary state, events and transaction parameters, etc.
- Optimize the error display of pre-executed transactions, and pinpoint the module and method with errors.
- New interfaces: contract.dry_run_raw,contract.resolve_function, contract.resolve_struct, contract.resolve_module, state.get_resource,state.list _resource,state.get_code,state.list_code.
- New commands: dev resolve function|struct|module, state get|list resource|code

「Starcoin Chrome Plugin Wallet」

- Released v1.8.0: Deploy contracts based on payloadHex
- Release v1.8.1: Support contract.dry_run_raw to call payloadHex

3. Oracle Draft
「Will support Defi contracts to get real-time prices of mainstream assets like STC」

- Currently under refinement.

Ecological Construction

“Starcoin’s first decentralized exchange, considering to provide STC liquidity mining function”.

- Progress: connect to wallet/exchange page; add liquidity page
- StarSwap v0.1 demo

2. NFT protocol

  • The NFT contract layer is basically complete, and related NFT projects are already in the planning stage.

About us




Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts based on Move to power services in Web 3.0