Starcoin Weekly Report 【4/19–4/25】

· Release Starcoin v1.0.0-beta.5

· Note: starcoin nodes should upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible, a hard fork test will be conducted soon, which will cause nodes with older versions to be unable to execute the latest blocks.

· Added PeerWatcher command to listen for peer changes on the p2p network via Light Node Protocol.

· Implement merkle tree proof verifier, Ethereum storage proof verifier via Move contract, prepare for future offchain data validation and cross-chain with Ethereum.

· The node has built-in support for the stratum pool protocol, allowing pool clients to connect directly to starcoin nodes.

· Implementing sip-4: SIP as a feature flag for hard forking via on-chain governance.

· Move VM upgrade to version 1.2 Add transaction hash broadcast, optimize transaction broadcast efficiency.

· Move contract upgrade support via governance for incompatible upgrades, · preparing for special case upgrade needs.

· Fix a config compatibility bug, ensure config file compatibility. Filter nodes that do not support the p2p network rpc protocol (e.g. light nodes) when synchronizing, and fix a bug in handshake protocol message handling.

About us

Starcoin is A Layered Smart Contract and Decentralized Financial Network

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