Recap:StarPulse Vol. 02 July: Connection and TurboSTM、FlexiDAG Progress

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Hey Starfam,

StarPulse July Check-in Recap is here!

The team held such an informative session at the recently concluded StarPulse Vol.02 AMA on Twitter Space titled: Connection and TurboSTM, FlexiDAG Progress.

We are excited to share all the highlights with our community. Let’s get right in:

Community and Ecosystem Events Recap from Community Manager, Annabelle:

Over the past month, we have had some new collaborations with communities like AInexus, Margex, Bulletswap finance, Daospace, and a meme community called Pepera, as well as the zkSync id community, etc.

We also had a collaboration with link3, It’s a Web3 social network,and we built a social space there.

In addition, we have settled in Cointime, It’s a crypto aggregator media, and we have registered an account, our most recent TurboSTM articles were published on Cointime.

These are the collaborations we had done in the past month. We look forward to continue the building of our ecosystem with crucial partnerships that bring value to all users. It promises to be exciting. Stay tuned.

TurboSTM Infrastructure Progress Recap from Infro Leader, Wood:

Hi, I’m Wood. I want to talk about the lateset progress of TurboSTM. We have completed the first version of TurboSTM, which includes the Multi-version Concurrency Control Data Structure module and the Schedule module. We have also refactored the Starcoin Move Virtual Machine module and integrated it with the Starcoin project. Currently, we have completed our unit tests, which is great news for our project. We are now testing the history block execution in the main net and Barnard net to ensure that TurboSTM execution is consistent with sequence execution.

We also read papers and technology slides to see if there are good ideas to inspire us. For example, we read the design and implementation of parallel execution in the BSC project. We found that our design and implementation is much better than BSC’s. We will begin developing the TurboSTM benchmark program and plan to add many tests about TurboSTM. We will also continue to read research papers in the International Conference on Software Engineering about blockchains to see if other blockchain projects can provide inspiration for us.

To improve our performance, it’s important to consider our implementation and how we can optimize it. One way to do this is to use performance profiling tools, which can help us identify areas that need improvement. While it may take some time to do this, it will ultimately benefit our project in the long run.

We also have a plan to develop a new feature to improve our parallel execution performance, which was inspired by the RocksDB database. We want to implement the merge operation in the TurboSTM.

That’s it on TurboSTM, Thanks.

Innovation Update from Senior Architect, Fikgol:

Dear members of the Starcoin community, I am delighted to share with you the latest updates from our project team on Twitter Space in this monthly statement. Over the past month, we have achieved some significant milestones.

Firstly, we have conducted basic testing on the FlexiDAG consensus module and simulated various types of attacks. These tests are import for us as they help evaluate and validate the performance and security of FlexiDAG in the real-world. And we have spent a lot of time and effort into this process to make sure the correction of the new consensus.

Secondly, we have successfully refactored the codebase of Starcoin to make it more scalable and adaptable to different types of consensus algorithms. This refactor enables us to explore and integrate various consensus to starcoin, ensuring that Starcoin remains flexible as a blockchain on layer one.

Lastly, we have been continuously working on integrating FlexiDAG into Starcoin, including improvements in synchronization, storage, and networking. This integration process aims to enhance the overall functionality and efficiency of Starcoin, providing users with a seamless and robust experience. Our team has been actively addressing the technical challenges and making steady progress in this regard.

We are excited about the developments taking place within the project and the positive impact they will have on Starcoin’s future. We remain committed to transparency and community involvement, and we greatly appreciate your support and engagement throughout this journey.

Thank you for being a part of the Starcoin community, and we look forward to sharing more updates and exciting news in the coming months. Stay tuned and keep shining with Starcoin!

Infrastructure Progress Recap from Starcoin Developer, Jack:

Hello, my name is Jack and I’m a developer working on the Starcoin project. I’m excited to share with you some of the work I’ve been doing over the past few weeks. As you may know, we’ve been focusing on improving the efficiency of block mining by using FlexiDAG. I’ve been primarily working on synchronizing FlexiDAG. Compared to the single list of blocks, FlexiDAG, due to the concurrency of mining, has multiple branches which presents a significant challenge in synchronization.

The solution I’ve devised to this challenge involves a new algorithm that places the blocks in FlexiDAG into an accumulator. This allows for rapid searching and retrieval of FlexiDAG blocks, greatly accelerating the synchronization process.

The accumulator, a data structure akin to a Merkle tree, aids in pinpointing the positions of the blocks and their corresponding child blocks that need synchronization. This innovative approach represents our unique implementation for FlexiDAG. Thank you.

Starcoin Improved Performance Address from Senior Brand Manager, Ashely:

Hey there, I’m Ashley, the brand manager of Starcoin. Let me break down the advantages of Starcoin’s Performance Improvement Solution for you in a simple and understandable way.

When it comes to performance and scalability, Starcoin shines with its unique strengths and solutions. Here’s what makes it special:

Let’s start with FlexiDAG:

The consensus model is straightforward and reliable, which means it achieves rapid consensus and reduces the chances of network forks. This ensures a smooth and secure blockchain experience.

FlexiDAG is highly modular and adaptable, capable of fitting both UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output) and account models in public blockchains. It offers flexibility to cater to different needs.

By saving computational power, Starcoin optimizes block production. It maximizes the utilization of computational resources, reducing the occurrence of uncle blocks or orphan blocks. This efficiency leads to a more streamlined blockchain.

Starcoin’s FlexiDAG enables higher throughput, reaching a remarkable block per second (bps) in the range of several tens. This means faster transaction confirmations and increased scalability.

Moving on to TurboSTM:

TurboSTM, Starcoin’s parallelization scheme, seamlessly integrates into existing workflows without the need for developers to declare specific dependencies. It’s designed to be user-friendly and hassle-free.

With Starcoin’s complete in-memory computation, unnecessary synchronization overhead becomes a thing of the past. All transactions within a block can be submitted together, resulting in minimal delays and optimal performance.

Starcoin utilizes MoveVM, which ensures secure and efficient transaction execution. The encapsulated process effectively handles edge cases and reduces complexity, mitigating the chances of bugs.

While scalability optimization is a popular topic in the blockchain industry, it’s important not to overlook Starcoin’s unique contributions to this field. Its transparent adoption, in-memory computation, and the MoveVM set it apart from the competition. Keep an eye on Starcoin and its blockchain networks as they continue to push the boundaries of scalability and efficiency.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or if there’s anything else I can assist you with!

FAQ Summary Review by Annabelle:

What are the advantages of STARCOIN’s TurboSTM compared to APTOS’ block STM?

Thank you for your question regarding the advantages of our TurboSTM technology compared to other blockchain parallel technologies, like BlockSTM in Aptos.

Starcoin and Aptos do share similarities in their use of STM technology, but each one has its unique strengths. In terms of TurboSTM, we’ve actually published an in-depth article on Medium on June 15th, detailing its advantages. We recommend you read it to get a comprehensive understanding of our technology.

However, to simplify, our TurboSTM technology stands out due to its enhanced performance, efficiency, and reliability. It’s designed to handle higher transaction throughput and maintain strong consistency, ensuring an optimal and secure user experience.

In the future, we plan to provide more information and details about our continual improvements to TurboSTM. We are committed to transparency and sharing our progress with the community. Keep an eye on our updates, as we continue to advance our technology for the betterment of the Starcoin project. Your support and interest are greatly appreciated!

When will the FlexiDAG & TurboSTM be available on the testnet and main net?

We expect to go live on the test network in the third quarter of this year, and after stable implementation, we will go live on the main network.


The StarPulse AMA offers an important platform for the Starcoin team to provide timely updates to help our community stay energized with the most recent developments off the team desk, through interfacing and engaging community members directly.

In this edition, we have discussed the details from the team’s progress on TurboSTM and FlexiDAG since the beginning of June. We appreciate the support and solidarity of our community members, and the dedication of the Starcoin team.

Our community admins will be available to attend to all feedback, contributions and inquiries in the Telegram channel. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Stay tuned and let’s do this again next month!

The host of this episode is Annabelle, community manager at Starcoin.

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