What is Starcoin?

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On May 18, 2021, Starcoin held a global press conference, and in the spotlight, announced the launch of the main network. This is a milestone moment, which means that the Starcoin has officially set sail to the ocean blockchain.

What is Starcoin’s mission?

What kind of competitiveness does Starcoin have in the era of the discovery of blockchain?

How to start Starcoin quickly?

What is the Starcoin ecosystem strategy? What tracks and potential high-quality projects are there to look forward to?

With the above questions, Let’s walk into the world of Starcoin in this article.

What is Starcoin?

Starcoin is a decentralized layered smart contract network that aims to provide a secure digital asset and decentralized financial operation platform. We have taken security as the prime objective from the beginning of the design, and we will do our best to ensure the security of your main chain and digital assets.

Starcoin is a smart contract blockchain network that realizes infinite expansion through layers. The layer 1 ensures security and no entry, and the second layer implements application-oriented extension, thus build the infrastructure of Web3 and the Metaverse.

The layer 1 of Starcoin is based on enhanced PoW, providing a series of rich, freely combinable, out-of-the-box general underlying standards including Token, DAO, NFT, Oracle, etc., a decentralized network for digital asset.

Through the resource-oriented smart contract programming language Move, Starcoin makes all resources on the chain first-class citizens, splits and clarifies the ownership of the smart contract state, and provides the ability to formalize verification and mathematically prove the program security, so as to ensure the security and freedom of users’ on-chain property as much as possible.

The layer 2 of Starcoin abstracts different layer 2 schemes through a unified architecture, and different applications can choose different layer 2 schemes according to their own needs, so as to achieve unlimited expansion.

Starcoin’s Design Ideas and Philosophy

After the launch of the Starcoin main network, it has gained a lot of attention in the blockchain industry. Some of the design highlights of Starcoin have made it quickly earn users loyalty.

So, after understanding the vision of Starcoin, how can we quickly grasp the overall design idea of Starcoin?

Based on the concept of security, Starcoin has many interesting design highlights, such as enhanced PoW, bootstrapped economic model, state billing, on-chain governance DAO, linear logic smart contract language Move and so on. All of these features are designed to more securely serve digital assets, and then, users. Learn more about Starcoin’s design philosophy and design ideas from the following articles:

Start Starcoin Quickly

Now, there is a macro understanding of Starcoin. Next, you can try to experience Starcoin.

For different users, Starcoin has a variety of different experience ways:

  • Wallets, including StarMask, Onekey, and more
  • Mining, a number of mining pools support Starcoin mining, such as f2pool,poolin,kele, etc., click to view the mining guide
  • Participate in on-chain governance, Starcoin is a community that fully implements on-chain governance, and anyone can participate in on-chain decision
  • Starcoin is a fully decentralized open source organization. Anyone can participate to make their own contribution:
  • Write an article to explain your own understanding, ideas and insights on Starcoin
  • Submit your own code to add features to Starcoin
  • Develop the Starcoin ecosystem and deploy contract projects

Starcoin is a decentralized network, and it is also a completely open and decentralized open source community on the Starcoin network. Click to view the detailed operation guide to quickly start Starcoin.

Starcoin and Move, Born for DeFi

Starcoin pay great attention to security, scalability, functional richness and convenience. Based on these goals and expectations, Starcoin chooses Move, which has the same design concept, as its smart contract language.

Move is a smart contract language with linear logic. It has designed resource-oriented programming for financial scenarios, thus greatly reducing the potential security risks in the program, and can prove the security of the program mathematically through formal verification. Do our best to ensure the security of users’ digital assets on the chain. It can be said that Move has achieved the ultimate in security so far.

Contracts are safer, DeFi is freer, and Starcoin is more trustworthy. More on Starcoin and Move:

Starcoin Ecosystem

Starcoin is a completely open ecosystem without any entry barriers. All accounts are treated equally. Any account can participate in on-chain governance, and any account can deploy its own contracts.

After the launch of the Starcoin main netwok, a number of well-known ecological partners and applications have emerged:

  • Onekey wallet
  • Poolin,f2pool,kele
  • Explorer stcscan
  • Dapp: such as voting,airdrops,etc.

Soon, Starcoin had a comprehensive ecological upgrade.

For multiple tracks, Starcoin has officially formulated complete, secure, and reusable underlying protocols, such as standard Oracle protocols, standard NFT protocols, and more. On the basis of no need to repeatedly implement the protocol, any user only needs to focus on their own business logic, and can easily develop their own applications.

Next, the Starcoin ecosystem quickly get a batch of basic DeFi applications:

Based on applications required by DeFi, the applications of the Starcoin ecosystem have begun to enrich:

  • NFT applications, such as CyberRare,Kiko,etc.
  • DEX applications, such as Kikoswap,Starswap,etc.
  • Stable currency, such as FAI,etc.

It can be said that the ecological upgrade of Starcoin has achieved initial plan. There are still many ecological applications under construction, such as Layer 2. For more information about the Starcoin ecosystem, please check here.

Welcome to Join the Starcoin Community

Starcoin is both a decentralized open network and a decentralized open source community.

In the previous introduction, there is both a macro description of Starcoin and an in-depth explanation of Starcoin:

  • Starcoin’s Vision
  • Design philosophy of Starcoin
  • Start Starcoin quickly
  • Starcoin and Move
  • Starcoin ecosystem

I believe you now have a preliminary understanding of Starcoin. If you are also interested in Starcoin, or want to learn more about Starcoin, please join the Starcoin community in the following ways:

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Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts based on Move to power services in Web 3.0