Three Hot DeFi projects on Starcoin! As STC investors you need to know!

Recently, both Starcoin ecology and Move ecology have got inspiring news, and a series of high-quality projects have launched. Here, let’s take a look at these projects and what their corresponding Tokens are, to help STC investors understand these projects and make rational choices.

Starcoin can be described as a rare public chain that does not take the usual method. It promotes secure DeFi, and is currently the public chain that pays the most attention to DeFi security. Starcoin itself is a PoW consensus, completely decentralized, with decentralized computing power, and is not controlled by anyone. STC is the native token of the Starcoin network and is used to incentivize honest nodes that maintain network security. STC is also the token of governance on the Starcoin chain, which determines how to upgrade features and gives STC a realistic business meaning, which is a capability that other public chain native Tokens do not have. At present, the circulation of STC in the market is not too much, and it may be a potential wealth opportunity. Make your own smart decisions!

Starcoin uses a more secure programming language Move as a smart contract language, which is a very promising direction. The DeFi projects introduced below are all implemented using Move, including DeFi tracks such as Dex and Stablecoin. Therefore,these projects are a great benefit to the Starcoin and the Move ecosystem.

The first Swap project on Starcoin ecosystem is Kikoswap, which has accumulated a lot of fans. The upcoming project is a new Swap project called Starswap, it is developed by the Elements-Studio team, including LP mining and single-coin stake mining and other functions. Starswap launched on Starcoin’s main network. The reward token of Starswap is Star, and those who are interested can learn more about the Starswap project.

In addition to launching new projects on the Dex track, Starcoin also starts to accelerate on the Stablecoin track. Here are two high-quality Stablecoin projects: FAI and WEN.

FAI is an algorithmic stablecoin project, its Token is called FAI. It was designed and developed by BFly studio and launched on Starcoin’s main network. There are two ways to get FAI, the first is to mint FAI through FAI’s website, and the second is to exchange FAI on Starswap. Those who are interested can experience it.

WEN is a stable currency borrowing protocol. Users can borrow WEN, a stable currency linked to the US dollar, by staking various cryptocurrency assets (including basic assets and interest-earning token assets). In addition to being able to borrow WEN, users can also earn interest SHARE in the WEN protocol. The WEN protocol is about to be launched on the Starcoin main network. If you are interested, you can learn more about the WEN protocol.

The three high-quality projects mentioned above involve 5 kinds of Tokens, namely STC, Star, FAI, WEN, SHARE, etc. I believe everyone already has a general understanding. If you are interested, you can also add the official Telegram to get latest news.

With so many high-quality projects settling in Starcoin, Starcoin ecology has changed a lot. The entire ecosystem has fully covered mainstream tracks such as NFT, Oracle, DEX, Stablecoin, Lending, Bridge, etc. It’s a good signal to STC investors, I believe that STC value will also rise.



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Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts based on Move to power services in Web 3.0