StarPulse Vol. 03 August Check-In: Roadmap Update and Progress

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Greetings, Starfam!

Our recent StarPulse AMA (Vol. 03) was another opportunity to have an insightful discussion with you, our dear community, about the updates to our 2023 roadmap and the prospects ahead for Starcoin Network.

We were joined by the core team who shared important details about their work and progress. If you missed our latest AMA, we kept the best highlights for you!

StarPulse Vol. 03 August Check-In: Roadmap Update and Progress

Community and Ecosystem Events Recap from Community Manager, Annabelle:

Hi guys, I’m Starcoin community manager, it’s so nice to meet you again in the new month. As usual, let me just keep you up to date with our community operations.

In July, we collaborated with zksync finance; TaskOnCampaigns; Wisp Swap; BGTrade; and Nerve Network communities.

Among those projects, our campaign with BGTrade had the best results, with more than 600 retweets and more than 10k page views in no more than 24 hours.

The campaign eventually ended with over a thousand retweets and over 23k views.

Apart from campaigns, we have further collaborations with zksync community in July, we launched the NFT mint function for zksync community and tried our first NFT campaign in early August.

We will be exploring new reward modes for our events, including but not limited to OAT, NFT, Token and other rewards.

It is expected that in the near future, we will try different innovative activities with more zksync eco-communities to bring more on-chain interaction to users.

Let’s look forward to more. Thank you very much for listening. I‘ll see you next month!

Infrastructural Progress from Infro Leader, Wood:

Hi, I’m wood, a software engineer at Starcoin, the first Pow BlockChain utilizing the Move language. I’d like to share some roadmap plans about our project in the next half year. During the previous half year, we have made some progress in Move feature, storage and parallel transaction execution.

During the previous half year, we’ve upgraded the Move version 4 to move version 6. It means that smart contracts are much safer than before. We have finished Starcoin Framework V12 proper in July. Now we will upgrade our starcoin framework v12 in August. During the previous half year, we imported feature for table. It can support massive key value pair store. We have implemented table storage. In order to support Turbo STM, table storage needs to be parallel. And we also need to import Table Storage in offline snapshot import. We have implemented parallel table storage in july.

Let’s talk about Turbo STM starcoin’s parallel execution Engine.

In June and July we implemented the multi-version concurrency control module, we have refactored the moveVM module and Integrate with Executor module. We have tested history block execution in barnard and main net. We will plan to deploy turbo STM first version in the Barnard network in August. And We have a plan to deploy the Turbo STM in the main net on September. We have developed a console command to let node to use Turbo STM execute Transaction. We have deployed Turbo STM benchmark program to check performance. In the next we will plan to improve Turbo STM performance, like improving mvcc module performance and Turbo STM cache performance. We also have a plan to survey if Turbo STM can support Aggregator. Which means in some table entry we can support accumulate value. We also have planned to support Gas Profiling. It’s like flamegraph and can show the gas usage.

Thank you.

Innovation Update from Senior Architect, Fikgol:

Hi, I am fikgol. Today, I’d like to share with you some updates about our recent projects and our future plans.

Starting with EasyGas. We’ve made some essential changes to it. It no longer leans on DaoSpace and will soon be introduced alongside our upcoming Starcoin Framework v12. Which makes us able to pay for gas with the custom token such as star, not only just starcoin.

Speaking of Starcoin, it has seen some pivotal advancements. Notably, the integration of FlexiDAG. Our team spent considerable time and effort to update various parts, including the chain, miner, miner client, and contract module.

Coming to our immediate future, specifically in September: We’re preparing to introduce Starcoin with the new consensus FlexiDAG to the testnet. This is an important step that underscores our commitment to innovation.

Looking further ahead:

Our focus will shift towards refining the POW Consensus on DAG.
By October, the spotlight will be on ensuring the strong security of FlexiDAG.
In November, our objective is to incorporate FlexiDAG into Barnard’s network.
And come December, our goal is twofold: Enhancing FlexiDAG’s capability to adjust to network changes and increasing its adaptability in various systems.
In closing, we’ve achieved much, but there’s still an exciting journey ahead of us. We’re eager to wrap up this year with these advancements and are grateful for your continued support.

Thank you.

Starmask Upgrades And Features:

Hi, I’m Kagura. Recently, the StarMask wallet plug-in has received a major update, upgrading it to the V3 version that complies with the Chrome standard. This update not only optimizes the code structure, but also comprehensively updates the overall dependency package, Node version and compatibility, bringing users a better experience.

First of all, in terms of code architecture, the StarMask team refactored and optimized the plug-in code after careful design and adjustment. By optimizing the code structure and algorithm, the performance and stability of the plug-in are greatly improved, and the situation of stuttering and crashing is reduced, so that users can use the StarMask wallet plug-in more smoothly.

In addition to the optimization of the code structure, this update also updates the overall dependency package. The team reviewed and updated each package that the plugin depends on to ensure that the plugin is compatible with the latest version of the dependent packages. This can not only provide better functional support, but also solve possible security loopholes in some old versions of dependent packages and ensure the security of users’ assets.

At the same time, this update also upgraded the Node version. The team upgraded the Node version of the plugin to the latest stable version to ensure that the plugin is kept up to date with the latest Node ecosystem. This not only provides better performance and feature support, but also enables plugins to take full advantage of the latest Node features and provide users with a better experience.

This update is not only for technical improvement, but also to bring users a better experience. The StarMask team has been committed to providing users with safe and convenient wallet services. This update is our response to user needs. We are well aware of users’ expectations for wallet plug-ins, and hope to provide a better user experience while ensuring security. Therefore, we have invested a lot of energy and resources to fully optimize and update StarMask.

This update of the StarMask wallet plug-in is a major upgrade, and the V3 version that complies with the Chrome standard will bring users a better experience. Through the optimization of the code structure, the update of the overall dependency package, and the upgrade of the Node version, we ensure the performance, stability and security of the plug-in.

The StarMask team will continue to work hard to continuously improve and perfect the plugin to provide users with better services.

Thank you.

Q&A Session by Ashely and Buchii:

Q1: Where do you see the current challenges in the market, centered?

R:My personal opinion is that, Security remains a paramount concern, and regrettably, a comprehensive solution encompassing security, decentralization, and blockchain performance has yet to materialize. To address this challenge head-on, our ongoing efforts this year are focused on the development of FlexiDAG and TurboSTM, technologies aimed at bridging these critical gaps.

Q2: What are the highlights of your roadmap update?

R: Thank you for your question.

The highlights of the newly published roadmap are in four crucial areas:

1 Enhancing PoW consensus

2 increasing transaction performance

3 Lowering validator threshold and

4 improving the application development environment

To simplify, the updates that have been discussed by the team here, cut across these important areas. The goal is to enhance overall network conditions, and reinforce our work in the first half of the year. Generally we look forward to testing these enhancements with the community, such as our new consensus FlexiDAG and TurboSTM parallel execution engine. It promises to be an exciting process. Thank you for your support.

Q3: In the absence of Polybridge, what do you plan for sustaining interoperability in Starcoin architecture?

R:There’s no denying that security is a top priority, and any build that enhances interoperability is based on security considerations as we push to connect more bridges while ensuring security.


The StarPulse AMA offers an important platform for the Starcoin team to provide timely updates to help our community stay energized with the most recent developments off the team desk, through interfacing and engaging community members directly.

On this episode, we have discussed the updates to the Starcoin 2023 roadmap including new features, enhancements and upcoming infrastructural development, giving our community a peek into the future and what to expect in terms of tangible deliverables as we continue to build together.

Our community admins will be available to attend to all feedback, contributions and inquiries in the Telegram channel. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for next month’s edition!

The host of this episode is Ashely, Senior Brand Manager at Starcoin.

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