Starcoin Weekly Report 【5/10–5/16】

Starcoin released v1.0.0-rc, the mainnet will be launched at the height of 310,000 in the Barnard network, and the global users can launch Starcoin mainnet together.

When the Barnard network reaches 310,000 height, the mainnet node will wait for 6 blocks to be confirmed and then generate the genesis block with the block hash of the 310,000 block of the Barnard network as the parent hash of the mainnet genesis block.

After the main network is launched, the core dev team will publish the Genesis block hash first, hardcode the Genesis block into the starcoin node and release Starcoin v1.0 version.

Major updates:

  • Add command to generate package with modules and init script.
  • Implement Treasury and release stdlib v3.
  • Receipt identifier.
  • Remove deprecated methods and release stdlib v4 .
  • Prepare main network genesis config.
  • Fix indexer bug.
  • Sync target select optimization.
  • Introduce struct log.
  • Implement airdrop cmd.
  • Update accumulator sync task of redundant buffer size.

About us

Starcoin is A Layered Smart Contract and Decentralized Financial Network

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