Starcoin Weekly【 8.02–8.08】

2 min readAug 10, 2021


Event Preview

1. Participate in Starcoin lockout poll to give out airdrop rewards

  • Time: Opening soon
  • Rules: Participate in the voting to get to get the airdrop rewards

2. Hackathon project review is underway ……

  • Review is in progress, finalists will be announced after the review is completed

Current Activities

1.Buy onekey hardware wallet with STC

  • Time: 2021/8/06–2021/8/09
  • Benefit 1: Buy a onekey hardware wallet at a surprise discount price
  • Benefit 2: You can participate in the Starcoin mining machine drawing with your purchase
  • Use your computer browser to open the link: to purchase


  1. NFT program improvement, use case demonstration, and testing
  • NFT nested solutions and use cases as a game card
  • NFT as a product purchase and sale voucher
  • NFT as an identity marker

Ecological Construction

Starcoin’s first decentralized exchange, considering to provide STC liquidity mining function

  • Auction dapp function debugging
  • Use SignerCapability related capabilities to investigate and validate the requirements of token pairs for general user registration
  • Research on economic modeling of governance coins
  • Deploy Starswap API to Barnard test network

Starcoin’s first decentralized protocol initial online distribution platform

  • Implementation Install/connect starmask wallet
  • Complete stake/unstake button and Starmask integration development


  • Cross-chain bridge development requirements change, prioritize Starcoin to Heco/BSC cross-chain, and Ethernet Solidity development environment configuration
  • Complete the STC Token contract on Ether

About us




Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts based on Move to power services in Web 3.0