Starcoin Testnet Mining Invitation Tutorial

2 min readFeb 1, 2024


Participate in Starcoin Testnet Mining and receive generous rewards. Regular users who invite friends to participate will receive 15% of their friends’ mining points, while early users will receive 20%. Here is the invitation process:

1. Join the Starcoin Discord Community

2. Submit Your Starmask Address for Participation

  • In the [FLEXIDAG-TESTNET-INFO] — [Submit-Starmask-Mining-Address] channel, submit your mining activity address.

3. Invite Friends to Join Discord

  • Invite friends to join Starcoin Discord using the provided link and encourage them to complete the verification process.
  • Share the mining activity link and the mining tutorial with your friends.
  • Guide your friends to submit their mining addresses in the Discord channel.
  • After invitation, you can view it in [Invite-statistics]

4. Receive Invitation Points Reward

Once the above steps are completed, we will regularly announce the invitation status and the distribution of STC point rewards.

You can stay updated by following the official channels:




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