Starcoin DAO 2.0: A DAO space designed for future

Why do we need Starcoin DAO?

What are the innovations in Starcoin DAO 2.0?

Starcoin DAO 2.0 Governance Design

  • Minimal governance principle, if a stable equilibrium can be reached by program calculation or market game mechanism, no governance is needed.
  • The principle of local consensus governance minimizes global governance and delegates specific functions to other professional DAOs for decision-making.
  • Starcoin DAO is an open DAO with no access restrictions.
  • The members of the Starcoin DAO are governed by on-chain voting, and each member’s SBT value in the DAO represents its voting weight.
  • Voting on the hard fork feature of Starcoin public chain.
  • Voting on the adjustment of consensus parameters of the Starcoin public chain.
  • Upgrade of Starcoin Framework, the system contract of Starcoin public chain.
  • Disposal of the STC reserved for ecological construction.
  • Disposal of the funds obtained through the public offering.

Starcoin DAO 2.0 Launch Plan

  1. After the Starcoin Framework v12 release upgrade, the system Genesis account 0x1 will be upgraded to a contract account, which represents the account address of StarcoinDAO. At this point, the DAO membership is empty, and Starcoin DAO begins a one-week launch preparation phase, during which Starcoin DAO cannot perform on-chain governance.
  2. The R&D and eco-incentive Tokens reserved at the Starcoin main net launch, including the unreleased portion, are transferred from the Foundation account (0xA550C18) to the Starcoin DAO account address (0x1).
  3. Starcoin DAO member SBT airdrop. The Starcoin DAO membership SBT will be cast for on-chain accounts before the first anniversary of the Starcoin mainline through certain rules (see later). eligible accounts will automatically become Starcoin DAO members after receiving the cast.
  4. Open the Starcoin DAO governance pledge pool. Pledge Starcoin to receive StarcoinDAO governance SBTs, the number of which depends on the amount and length of the pledge.
  5. Opened a public eco-building program to bring in more investment institutions and eco-building companies and teams and launched an eco-building program: Seed Member Program.
  6. Starcoin DAO 2.0 was officially launched one week after the governance consensus was negotiated.

Starcoin DAO 2.0 Co-Building Program: Seed Member Program

  • DAO Prime Member
  • Governance based on exclusive SBT
  • Maximize APR benefits
  1. Rules & Benefits
  • STC in exchange for SBT.
  • Staking period.
  • Earnings from Staking STC.




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Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts based on Move to power services in Web 3.0