Starcoin Community Call Application Tutorial

  • Subject: xxx xx xxx x
  • Time: For example, April 20 am/pm PST/EST
  • Nickname: guest name/nickname
  • Language: Chinese/English/other
  • Avatar: clear avatar of the guest (you can also submit Twitter/Discord user avatar)
  • User ID: ①Twitter ID ②Discord ID (text version + screenshot display)
  • Discord audio channels or audio-video channels
  • The administrator will set the “Star Speaker” identity group in Discord
  • At the end of the live broadcast, users will be prompted to “raise their hands” to speak in the Q&A session, and “Star Speaker” will have the right to invite or speak by raising their hands.
  • The duration of the live broadcast is controlled by the Star Speaker.
  • Requirements
    ①Write the application in English
    ②Write in detail
    ③Grant reward will be issued within 3 working days after the completion of the live broadcast
  • Collection: Grant rewards are collected in the form of Airdrop. Airdrop has an expiration date, please collect within the expiration date, no replacement will be issued afterward. Airdrop link:
  • Reference
Example of grant application

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