Starcoin 2.0 Mainnet Soft Launch Now Live

2 min readJun 26, 2024


Over the past three years, Starcoin has established a strong foundation for blockchain decentralization and security with its enhanced PoW mechanism and Move language.

Now, we are thrilled to announce that Starcoin 2.0 has officially entered its trial run, marking a significant step towards scalability and commercial applications. This demonstrates our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Starcoin 2.0: The Scalable Network

Starcoin 2.0, known as “Tempus,” is a major upgrade focused on overcoming PoW consensus scalability limitations while maintaining core decentralization principles. “Tempus,” meaning “time” in Latin, reflects our commitment to continuous innovation in the blockchain industry.

With upgrades to FlexiDAG and TurboSTM parallelization technology, the trial environment achieves a Max BPS of 1 block/s, Max Parallelism of 2 blocks, and Max TPS of 130k tx/s. This effectively addresses transaction congestion and high fees, meeting the demands of high-frequency and complex Web3 applications.

How to Participate

  • Node Download: Release v2.0.0
  • Setup Parameters: Technical Documentation
  • Node Validation: Run nodes to validate transactions and earn new block rewards.
  • Wallet & Transactions: Connect to Starcoin 2.0 network using StarMask to send and submit transactions.
  • Applications: Deploy Move applications on the 2.0 network.
  • Incentives: The trial phase focuses on validating features without a specific economic model and won’t replace the current 1.0 version yet.

Configure StarMask to connect to the 2.0 network:

Advantages of Starcoin 2.0

  1. High Transaction Throughput: FlexiDAG combines DAG structure with enhanced PoW consensus, increasing transaction throughput by 17 times.
  2. Parallel Block Generation: Allows multiple blocks to be created and added to the network simultaneously, reducing block production time and achieving second-level confirmations.
  3. Dynamic Resource Adjustment: Adjusts block generation time and network resources based on transaction volume, ensuring efficiency without wasting resources.
  4. Balanced Parallel Processing and Security: Ensures only blocks with robust links are added, enhancing scalability and resistance to attacks.

Core Technologies of Starcoin 2.0

FlexiDAG: Balances parallel processing and security, dynamically adjusting block time, difficulty, and rewards. It allows simultaneous block creation by multiple miners and adjusts parameters through on-chain governance.

TurboSTM: Revolutionizes smart contract execution with a high-performance multi-threaded in-memory computing engine, reducing bottlenecks and increasing throughput. It supports DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain games with efficient, secure solutions.

The Future of Starcoin

Starcoin 2.0 marks a milestone in building a scalable, secure, and decentralized digital ecosystem. We will continue to drive blockchain innovation, providing a solid infrastructure for Web3 applications and contributing to the growth of the digital economy.

Join the Starcoin 2.0

We invite the community and blockchain enthusiasts to join us in celebrating the soft launch of Starcoin 2.0. The “Tempus” phase reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and lays the foundation for future advancements.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Visit the new website: Starcoin Website




Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts based on Move to power services in Web 3.0