Starcoin 2.0: Announcing the Successful Completion of the FlexiDAG Pre-mining

2 min readDec 14, 2023


The Starcoin 2.0 Testnet Phase II event, focusing on the introduction of the FlexiDAG system, has successfully concluded. This period was a testament to Starcoin’s commitment to innovation and community involvement in blockchain technology.

Technical Milestones Achieved

  1. Enhanced Performance: FlexiDAG’s integration into Starcoin 2.0 has significantly boosted system throughput and efficiency. The combination of a directed acyclic graph structure with an enhanced proof-of-work consensus proved to be a game-changer in blockchain performance.
  2. Parallel Block Generation: A standout feature was the ability to generate multiple blocks in parallel. This development drastically reduced transaction confirmation times, a vital improvement for handling high-volume transactions.
  3. Elimination of Uncle Blocks: The new consensus protocol in FlexiDAG efficiently utilized mining power by validating previously discarded competing blocks. This not only optimized efficiency but also increased overall network throughput.
  4. Adaptive Network Conditions: FlexiDAG showcased its robustness by dynamically adjusting to varying network conditions. This adaptability ensured stable performance even during periods of high on-chain activity.
  5. Unprecedented Transaction Speeds: The event underscored Starcoin 2.0’s capability for ultra-fast transactions, setting new standards in blockchain speed and efficiency.

Community Engagement and Future Directions

The FlexiDAG Premining campaign attracted a significant turnout, with a large and diverse group of community users and developers actively participating. This 20-day event not only demonstrated the enthusiasm and commitment of our community but also highlighted the technical prowess of the Starcoin 2.0 platform, reaching an arithmetic difficulty level of 0x029c057c, with the testnet performance at an average BPS (block per second) of 1.67, which is more than 10x BPS than the current main network performance.

As we move forward, the lessons learned and the technological advancements achieved during this testnet phase will be instrumental in shaping the future of the Starcoin blockchain. The Starcoin team remains committed to continuous innovation and community collaboration, ensuring that Starcoin remains at the forefront of blockchain technology.

For more detailed information and insights into the Starcoin 2.0 Testnet Phase II and the FlexiDAG system, please visit Starcoin’s official website and our GitHub discussions.

About Starcoin

Starcoin provides the utmost security from the origin via its enhanced PoW consensus and Secure smart contract, using the language of Move. Through layered and flexible interoperability, it optimizes the building of ecosystems such as DeFi, NFTs, Gaming, etc., with higher efficiency and convenience. This process redefines value by empowering every participant in the ecosystem to enjoy the multiplication of values.

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