2022 STARCOIN Roadmap Update|Stepping Solidly Forward

  • The first Move Dapp goes live, enabling on-chain governance DAO.
  • Starcoin NFT specification released, and Cyberrare, the first NFT marketplace, goes live.
  • Kikoverse, the first metaverse project on Starcoin, goes live.
  • Arm Wrest War (AWW), the first Play 2 Earn game on Starcoin, goes live.
  • Launch of the Starcoin eco-project FAI (FAI is an algorithmic stablecoin protocol created by Bfly Finance).
  • Starcoin eco-project decentralized exchange Starswap launched on the mainnet.
  • FAI opens the liquidation API to the public.
  • Wenwen protocol, a decentralized Stablecoin protocol launched on Starcoin.
  • A Cross-chain bridge connecting Starcoin and Ethernet.
  • The Starcoin brand have completed its first full upgrade.

2022–2023 Roadmap Outline

What are the next priorities?

  • Developer training and incentives
  • Developer Contest
  • New Project Grant
  • Q3/2022 OMO: A byecode level program emulator with per-step state proof, provide computing proof for L2 and L3 SmartContract DApp.
  • Q3/2022 Move language upgrade and support Table
  • Q3/2022 Easy Gas:Lower the Gas threshold for new users, and lower the cost of attracting users for L1/L2 DApps. Provides features such as allowing Gas payments with any Token and supporting Gas proxy payments.
  • Q4/2022 Off-chain Table on L1 (Include Rollup Table)
  • Q4/2022 DApp demo for Offchain Table
  • Q4/2022 Starcoin Ethereum Cross-chain SmartContract Invoke
  • Q1/2023 L2 Rollup on testnet
  • Q1/2023 L2 bridge
  • Q1/2023 L2 test demo/app (swap?)
  • Q1/2023 L2 wallet(& hardware wallet)
  • Q2/2023 L3 Model & DEMO

Governance and Incentives

  • Q3/2022 DAO Framework
  • Q3/2022 DAO Plugins
  • Q3/2022 DAO portal
  • Q3/2022 STC DAO Establishment and Governance
  • Q4/2022 DAO Ecosystem
  • Q3/2022 DAO Cross-chain Assets Management
  • Q4/2022 An $200,000 value of incentives for developers in 2022

Ecosystem applications

  • Q3/2022 Kiko, open NFT publish to public
  • Q3/2022 FAI, A new version of stablecoin protocol
  • Q1/2023 Starswap, low slippage curve algorithm for stablecoin swap



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Starcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain that enables secure smart contracts based on Move to power services in Web 3.0